Best Squat Station : The Top 5 Squat Machines For Home

A  Squat Cage is an ultimate exercising tool which is used for building your strength. It is the most important and the most beneficial tool for your Gym. Squat station incredible tool for every health conscious people, once you use it will blow your mind because of its versatility. Now, if you are looking for the best squat station then here is the list of those stations.

Choose the best Squat station for home

Sometimes it is hard to choose the best Squat Cage as there are many varieties of power cages in the market which is available. They have different size, designs and features on each power cage. So, here I have listed some top five rated Squat Cage for a home Gym, which is available in the market.

Marcy Olympic Strength Cage


This product has a multi- handle pull up grip, with adjustable style bar. It is very durable and comfortable to do exercise. This product is available on

Pros– the product is very solid and very cheap. It is not too big and it fits perfectly for Olympic. It has a decent pulley cable, good pull-up bars and decent dip bars.

Cons– the cable pulley can be used only for lower and bottom position but not adjustable. There is no safety bars.

Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage with Performance Pack
machine squat

It is designed with full steel body; you can use this product both as a weightlifting cage or professional trainer. It offers you utility bench, heavy bags, weights and many other accessories.

Pros: The product is well designed and it offers you non-rusted parts with fine quality and easy to assemble.

Cons: The dip bar and jump platform have to fix it manually and they get detached when you switch it every time.

Rep Power Rack with Dual Pull up Bars

rep power squat

This Product is made of 2×2”steel and it also offers you 1.25”&2” pull up bars. It also offers you extra bar holders for your safety and padded dip handles with adjustable width. It has the weight capacity for 700lb.

Pros: It is affordable for the people those who looking for in low budget. They have added with really good safety bars, it is very easy to assemble. It is adjustable and offers with stiff and durable bench that can hold lot of weight in it.

Cons: The power rack is very light and very easy to lift and J cup need to be improved sometime they tend to shift.

Power Line PPR200X Power Rack

power line squat machine

This Product is efficient and useful for the weightlifter and it is safe. It has designed with wide walk which offers you to move from side to side. It offers you 2 heat tempered liftoffs and 2 Saber style safety rods for you.

Pros: It is an affordable product and it is easy to use. It allows you to perform variety of exercises which requires lots of space in it. It has 10 year warranty on frame and 2 year warranty on the parts which is great advantage of this product.

Cons: These are not best for benching, it also spacing of the hole is a little bit wide and it cannot withstand heavy weight even though it is affordable.

Titan Fitness 36″ Deep T-3 Series Short Power Rack Squat Dead lift Cage Pull Up

Fitness 36 squat machine

This will help you to work out safely and it is efficient enough to perform your daily squat and drill. It offers you high quality solid tool that can build up your chest 2”x3” steel tubes with two pull up bars for 2” and 1.25” and many more.

Pros: It is very sturdy and stable. It comes with safety rails and J-hooks and it is easy to move side to side.

Cons: There are lack of weight plate storage facility and the pull-up bar which is used as a knot that makes uncomfortable for the user to use without gloves.

Final Thoughts

All these are the top five products of Squat station, you can choose from anyone of them for your gym. By clarifying the product description, pros and cons you can easily opt to the best squat station for you.

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